6 Bulk Bag Unloading Accessories to Enhance Your Operation

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Bulk Bag Unloading’s most significant advantage is that they are highly customizable to meet the business’s specific requirements. It would help if you considered various conditions like— operator safety, dust minimization, and product flow and discuss with the representative while purchasing a bulk bag unloading system. This post will discuss six accessories that can enhance your processes

Material Vibrators: To Dispense the product

Bulk Bag

When dealing with materials that do not flow freely, it is imperative to work out solutions to assist the material’s free flow. The two viable solutions to get rid of these problems are bag massagers and material vibrators. The bulk bag massagers, once activated, will move in a sequential motion to empty the bag and dispense the product entirely. These options save time and the energy of the operator.

Hydraulic Crushers: To de-lump the material

Some material will tend to form lumps which will hamper the free flow of material from the bag. Hydraulic crushers will apply a few thousand pounds of force to crush the lumps to address this issue. These crushers are great for handling inferior flowing materials. There are different types of crushers the big bag crushers for conditioning bulk bags and drum crushers used with drum tipping or drum handling.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems: Lump breakers, Metal detectors

Bulk Bag Unloading Accessories

For hard lumps like salt bricks, lump breakers use a common shaft with rotating hammers to break the material fed over the inlet. The material is further conditioned using magnets and metal detectors to find ferrous and non-ferrous materials and move them to the waste upon detection. Conditioning of the material ensures that the material remains in its natural form and a flowable state without changing the character of the material.

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Bulk Bag Adaptors: To minimise dust in bulk bags

When the material is dispensing from the bulk bag, the air will accumulate in the big bag adapter. The air contains dust; the air must be vented as the bag is collapsed. If the air is not vented correctly, it may increase the particulate matter in the air and be hazardous to the atmosphere and the personnel working in the plant. A few adapters can efficiently separate the dust and expel clean air.

Shop Vacs: to remove residual dust while collapsing the bag

Shop Vacs

As the bags are removed from the Big Bag Adapters, there are chances that a residual amount of dust could fall out from the bag. It is essential to eliminate this pesky residual dust with the help of a vacuum. Simple Shop Vacs can do the trick and successfully eliminate even small amounts of dust. In cases where the dust is combustible, “Bulk Bag Adaptors” and “Shop Vacs” can eliminate the chances of fire outbreaks.

Light Curtains: Automated eye over bag lifting

The area near the unloader could be prone to accidents; merely restricting it as a dangerous zone may not be enough. It is vital to have a person deployed to watch over the lifting area. Light curtains are an effective mechanism to watch over the lifting area. They have a photo eye and a light-emitting device. It communicates with the control system and shuts off the system if it senses the presence of any object that should not be there.


Bulk Bag Unloading Accessories

Bulk bag unloading is a relatively straightforward mechanism to unload your bulk bags and dispense the material. It is convenient, saves time, and is cost-efficient. Not always the material will be in a form that is convenient to dispense, and it may be necessary to add on a few accessories. At times, the material will have to be conditioned before being fed into the inlet.

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A few accessories will be designed to reduce hazardous emissions from contaminating the air. In contrast, others will safeguard the personnel from accidents. It is best to discuss your specific requirement with the representative before investing in the unloader. The representative will also suggest to you the latest technological advances that may be useful for your plant.

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