6 Common Air Conditioner Problems

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Global warming is real, temperatures are constantly rising, and the time when air conditioning systems were a luxury is long gone. Now, a vast majority of households across the United States rely on their air conditioners to help them escape from the constantly rising summer temperatures. Should their AC suddenly stop working or simply not offer the performance they’re expecting, they can quickly find themselves in a serious problem.

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After all, every one of us, including your customers, are so used to receiving pleasant air from their air conditioners that it’s a proper emergency if the situation becomes less than ideal. This is when knowledge about some of the most common problems that can plague an air conditioner can come in handy. Even if they’re unable to repair the issue themselves, it’s still helpful to know what might be happening with their AC.

What Are The Most Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

To be completely honest, most of these problems are beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner who lacks the experience in air conditioning maintenance and repair. However, simply knowing what the most common problems are and how to spot them can help your customers know when to contact you and prevent the issue from developing further.

The AC Won’t Turn On

One of the most common, if not the most common problem with air conditioning systems is that they simply refuse to start. Your customers can keep pressing the button to their heart’s content, but the outcome will likely remain the same. The most common root cause for this problem is either faulty wiring or a broken electrical component. Whatever the reason, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to fix it by themselves, making it necessary to hire your services.

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Malfunctioning Thermostat

Common Problems With Air Conditioners

Another common issue your customers can face is either a completely broken or a poorly calibrated air conditioner thermostat. Either way, they won’t be able to achieve their desired temperatures and levels of comfort if the thermostat isn’t working properly. Your customers can attempt to set their thermostat to the lowest possible temperature and attempt to turn their AC unit on. If it fails to start, there’s nothing they can do without professional assistance.

Bad Condenser

It’s also very common for your customers to have problems with their AC due to a bad condenser caused by either leaks within seals or faulty tubes. This issue usually occurs in older air conditioners that’s accumulated a hefty portion of unwanted debris and particles over the years. Bad condenser will most likely happen due to broken tubes within the condenser, necessitating a replacement.

Clogged Or Dirty Air Filter

There are few air conditioning problems as common as a clogged or a dirty air filter. If this happens, it’s easy for the AC to overheat, causing further problems if your customers don’t react quickly and replace or clean their filter. What’s more, the dirtier the filter is, the worse indoor air quality in your customer’s home becomes, meaning this is a problem they have to resolve sooner rather than later.

Dirty Fan Blades

It’s normal for different parts of the air conditioner to become dirty due to different elements, such as pollution present in the air, fog, and smog. That’s why it’s advisable for your customers to clean their exterior unit prior to the cooling season. Otherwise, they’ll receive insufficient performance from their unit.

Poor Drainage

Various types of dirt and debris can severely block the drainage pipe on your customer’s air conditioner, preventing the condensate from freely flowing via the drainage system. If this happens, the central unit will overflow, causing significant damage to the system

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