Gorgeous Portraits: 7 Tips for Couples & their Wedding Shoot

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The big day is approaching! You and your loving partner couldn’t be more thrilled (and a little stressed, for sure!), and you’re getting excited for all the joy and wonder to come. And, you know what? It’s perfectly natural to feel a little anxious about things, including your portrait!

But don’t stress, as it’s really not that hard to create the perfect shot, just take on these tips when wedding working with your photographer and they will do the rest:

Wedding Shoot

  1. Spend some time getting to know your photographer

Once you’ve chosen the ideal candidate to provide your Sydney wedding photography, you should try to get to know them a little better, as they will be the ones making the magic happen on your special day. So, the best thing you do is have a good chat with them, even pre-big day catchup, as this will help everyone feel that much more comfortable when you have your special shoot.

  1. The mood board makes the shoot

Compiling a mood board is a fantastic way to create inspiration for the upcoming shoot. Your mood board should detail everything from color schemes to location inspo as well as the artistic style you would like for your finished product.

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  1. Will your dress/suit affect your movement?

This may seem a little out of the left field, but do read on… The dress or suit you choose for the special day may affect your movement, and whilst this could have a detrimental impact on that first dance or when you’re tearing up the dancefloor later, it could also restrict your movement during the photo shoot, making it difficult to create that fun, carefree, hands in the air shoot. Food for thought, at least…

  1. Hire a videographer from the same company

We can’t stress this enough: when you choose a videographer from a different group, it is highly likely that they haven’t worked with your photographer, and this can make things pretty random tonally when you receive the finished product – be sure to hire a videographer from the same company!

  1. Communicate with your photographer

Your photographer is there to help you feel your best in front of the camera so that they can produce a beautifully happy memento of this most special of occasions. So, be sure to express how you feel to them, telling them if you don’t like the cameras but your partner does, if you’re both camera shy, or, of course, you both love them! Either way, your photographer having this knowledge will be able to produce a better outcome regardless of the dynamics.

  1. Getting ready photos to help with the portrait

The getting-ready photos are a great way to prepare for the awesome photos to come. Why? Because they set the tone and lighten the mood, taking away any stiffness you, your partner, and your groomsmen/bridesmaids may be feeling before the big event.

What’s more, it’s a chance for your photographer to get a sense of the setting, lighting, tonal aspects of the day, etc.

  1. Take what your photographer says on board

Because, let’s face it: they are the real experts in this situation, and they know how to make your special album shine! So, the best way to create the perfect shoot is to work with your photographer, voicing your feelings and opinions whilst taking on board their direction.

They’ve been doing it for years and will produce an unforgettable memento – let them work their magic whilst you enjoy your very special day!

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