How Can You Get a Council House on Medical Grounds?

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Housing and Communities as well as the government has announced via a press release that more council housing is going to be made available to reduce the gap between the supply and demand for council housing. As a part of the government initiative to revitalize neighborhoods and develop brownfield property, new residences are going to be constructed.

Those applicants having certain medical conditions will be offered priority if their application is approved by NowMedical which is one of the leading providers in the UK to offer housing medical advice.

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How your medical condition can help?

You or any of your family member’s medical conditions can surely bring your case to the priority list. You will be eligible to get more preference as compared to all other applicants who have applied for the council house.

Particularly, if you are living in your present house where the medical condition of you or any of your family members is getting worse day by day due to the situation prevailing in your current residence.

You may be allotted Band 2, in case, you or any member of your family has performed certain outstanding community service. However, your allocation will not be confirmed until your application is supported with the required documentation.

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The following serious medical conditions are eligible for obtaining a Band 1 council housing allocation:

1. If the condition of the applicant is likely to be a terminal disease within the next 12 months and the applicant needs re-housing for getting proper care

2. In cases where the present living location of the applicant is contributing to a condition that can be life-threatening and cannot be easily resolved at all or within a very short period of time

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3. In case the applicant is presently living in an overcrowded house because of that there is a greater risk of certain life-threatening infection

4. The applicant or any member of his family is confined to his house because of a lack of wheelchair facilities in the present house

5. Finally, if the applicant or any family member cannot be released from the hospital due to their current home as there are no required amenities available for the patient.

Can a disabled child in the household get priority?

Yes, if you have a disabled child in your home then you will be considered, however, it may not be for each and every case where there is a disabled child in the household. It will be considered based on the seriousness and urgency.

Can a pregnant lady get priority?

Yes, if your household has a certain expecting mother then it will be considered as a priority case. You may anticipate getting a transfer offer to council housing much sooner than most other applicants.

household get priority

Final word

While submitting your application for council home, you must enclose the necessary evidence of your present conditions, if you want to get priority because of your situation.

If you currently fall under the priority home seeker, receiving a second award for reasonable preference on medical grounds will not affect your listing unless your household is extremely overcrowded and lacks at least 2 bedrooms.

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