Things You Must Know Before Exploring Lake Como Located in Italy

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Lake Como is located near Milan and is one of the sought-after destinations. The serene water of Lake Como is the deepest freshwater lake. It resembles the shape of the catapult stem. Many resort villages surround the lake and they provide you with classy vistas and hotels. It’s your dream vacation place that has a dainty villa.

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Before Exploring Lake Como Located in Italy

As Lake Como is located in the North of Italy, the climate is continental. The summers here are humid and hot but the winters are very cold. Snowfall here starts by December end or early January.

Whether you go on an outing with friends or you are having a fun picnic, you must know about the places to visit here.

Como Cathedral

Como’s main town is a combination of spirituality and suave. It has elegant Gothic architecture. The cathedral was designed in the fourteenth century. The ceiling of the central dome is decorated with paintings and gold filigree.

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Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta

It is built with an Italian garden that is huge and overlooks the valley and the lake. This Prussian princess’s former residence is today’s botanical gardens and art museum. These botanical gardens have exotic flora of 150 varieties.

Villa Del Balbianello

It provides beautiful views of the towns and the lakes. Towns like Vergonese and Bellagio can be viewed from many terraces. It is popular for movie shoots and weddings at the lake.

Before exploring the place, you must know more about the accommodation options available here:

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

This hotel is in the key location of Lake Como. It is surrounded by alluring waters and the Gringe mountains. It is an hour away from Milan airport and is situated opposite lovely Bellagio.

It offers the best hospitality with luxurious suites, rooms, a spa, and an infinity pool. The opulence and beautiful landscapes provide you with a dream vacation.

Palace Hotel

Palace was made into a hotel in the nineteenth century. It has hundreds of rooms. It is built in art deco style and also has a garden that is sprawling. It offers boat trips and guided tours for tourists. The property has seven golf courses. This location is ideal for tourists.

Hilton Lake Como

Compared to other hotels in Lake Como, this hotel is the latest one. This property has a fitness center, rooftop pool, and a spa. The rooms are luxurious and pretty huge with a balcony from where you can see the serene lake. It is famous for its food and the sky bar.

The gorgeous views, delicious food, the rich history, the perfect climate, and the endless variety make this place worth visiting. Explore even more about Lake Como when you visit there. It’s a perfect holiday spot for everyone.

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