The Best Snack Ideas to Serve Guests This Football Season

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There’s only one thing more exciting than the big game and that’s the snacks you have while watching your favorite teams go head to head during football season. Some of us love to get the neighborhood together for the game and others love just having one or two extra people over to share the experience with.

Whichever camp you’re in, as the host, there’s nothing you’re going to love more than your snacks putting a smile on their faces, no matter how good or bad their team might be playing. 

If this is your first time hosting the game, you might not be sure what pairs perfectly with game day. If that sounds like you, here are a few snack ideas any guest will love. 

pepper jelly

Cheese and Crackers

When your guest list is on the bigger side, that means plenty of different dietary habits and preferences are going to come along with all your favorite people. If that’s your case, having something a little more on the plain side will do you well. A universally loved snack is not something to overlook even if you are hosting a few eaters with a love of extreme eats. 

You could even dress up your cheese and crackers in a way that those exotic eaters would enjoy. For those that won’t eat anything without some heat, add a little pepper jelly dip to the side and they won’t be able to stay away from the snack table. 

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Buffalo Dip

Of course, there are plenty of us who love the Bills, but there are also a lot of football fans who are going to first associate “Buffalo” as the perfect pairing to Sunday night football and not the team from New York. 

That’s in no way to dig at the football team, just a testament to how well Buffalo dip, chips, and a good game of football go together. For the truly committed, a few different batches might even be the perfect thing. That way, no matter how much heat your guests love they’ll have an option just for them. 

This makes for a good alternative to having wings around just for the sake of chips and dips being a little less mess prone as the action starts to heat up even more than the dip.

Buffalo Dip

Meatball Subs

The best snacks can’t all be dips and whatever crackers or chips go along with them, can they be? Another game day classic is the always-loved meatball. This won’t take a lot of work given you have a crock pot. Given you do you could always leave the meatballs right in there ready to serve so they stay nice and warm throughout the entire game.

They’ll be good to eat on their own but no one can deny the magic of throwing those meatballs in a bun and placing the right kind of cheese on top. As the host, it would be wise to grab a few different kinds of cheese to have ready. Some great options would be American, Swiss, and provolone.

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