Causes And Tips to Avoid Unsightly Double Chin

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A fat layer forms under the chin and when it becomes substantial a wrinkle forms that looks like an extra chin. Double chin is generally not a health issue symptom but is regarded as unsightly and damaging to self-image. Double chin is also connected to weight gain, but people with healthy weight also have a double chin.

Double Chin

Common double chin causes

  • Excess fat – Weight gain can sneak in your face.
  • Aging skin – With age muscular definition declines so the skin under the jaw starts to sag creating an effect of an extra fat layer under the chin.
  • Facial structure – Basic facial shape including weak jawlines and recessive chin increases the chances of double chin development.
  • Poor posture – Craning your neck to see what you are doing can potentially cause neck pain. Platysma muscle connects the neck and chin and this posture is incorrect. This muscle weakens and the elasticity around jowls is decreased causing a sagging effect.
  • Genetics – If your family members have plum chins then your possibility of getting predisposed to develop double chin increases.
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How to eliminate the unsightly double chin?

Double Chin

Regardless of causes, you desire to eliminate the unsightly double chin. There is no single solution and it depends on relevant factors. Be prepared even a multipronged approach may be necessary. The common solutions to eliminate double chin is –

  • Change in diet – Focus on a diet that is based on quality protein and lots of fiber from veggies & fruits. Avoid refined grains, fried foods, sugar intake, eat whole grains, healthy fats, low-fat dairy products, and practice portion control.
  • Weight loss training – Focus on cardio training or high-intensity interval training for efficiently losing pounds. Prioritize compound exercises like squats and pushups over the isolation workouts like leg extensions and curls. For toning the skin muscles near the double chin region do straight jaw jut, ball exercise, pucker up, tongue stretch, neck stretch, and bottom jaw jut.
  • Lifestyle changes – Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption because these are not good for skin health. Reduce sodium intake, drink lots of water and get sufficient sleep to improve skin health. Skin treatments, massages, and face masks help to promote the production of collagen and enhance skin cell turnover.

Double Chin

The Body Massage Wellness Spa in Denver offers therapeutic massage and skincare treatments like skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, and microneedling. For stubborn fat removal, where diet and exercise fail you can choose Kybella treatment to remove the double chin. It is a non-invasive option suitable for moderate to severe layers of fat under the jowl or skin. To learn more about Kybella treatment schedule a free consultation as soon as possible!

Double chin treatments

  • Dermal fillers – Fillers are administered along jawline angle to reduce double chin appearance and increase the definition.
  • Botox  Botox is used to give the neck and jawline a lifting effect to reduce double chin appearance.
  • CoolSculpting  The concept is to cool the subcutaneous fat [fat layer under the skin] to a point that fat cells are destroyed and absorbed by your body.
  • Facial contouring  It is a minimally invasive surgical process that needs less recovery time and is very effective in reducing drooping jowls and double chin appearance.

Choose an effective solution!

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