Designs and types of photo blocks

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Photography is an art, but photographic styling is a creative talent which is entirely dependent on how beautifully and elegantly you can display the portraits.

There are many different conventional and modern modes of photograph placement and presentation. Hanging pictures, canvas, frames, photo walls, desk photos, chain gallery walls, rustic display, photo albums, etc. are some of the few options on how to present and treasure cherished memories in pictures.

A stylish, unconventional, and contemporary mean of photographic display is the formation of photo blocks. In context of photography, this display format is quite unique involving the use of wooden panel craved in shape of blocks to present printed photographs.

photographyThis can be named as the modern approach of visual storytelling via photos. Commonly, photo impregnated blocks are found to grace tables, desks, shelves, patios, decks, etc. The trend of traditional frames has identified its excellent alternative in these acrylic and wooden blocks.

The visual dimensions of which they photo is set on the block is the key step as the look is seamless and appealing. This aesthetics of the photo is speaking for itself, manifesting a natural and real feel.

A sleek and flat surface of wooden panel is crafted and designed to serve as background for the photo set. This display creative is attractive and minimalistic the ideal focal points in the entire setup.

Photos are the artistic camera captures and this type of presentation makes it even more marvellous in photography narrative. This one is flexible for customization, thus, variety in photo blocking is hugely observed.

What are photo blocks?

Photographs are the beauty arts which lead the foundation of cherished memories. Some like to preserve them in photo albums while other opts for display. The finest modern aesthetical touch one can find in photographic styling is in the setting of photo blocks.

This involves use of a wooden panel stand that offers space for picture/image to display over the platform. What makes it the best modern way of photo display is the fact that image here takes the centre stage.

Thus, both arrangement and presentation is wholesome suiting the contemporary interior design perfectly.

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Designing aspects in photo blocks:

The contemporary still a modern visual aspect observed in photo blocks is the key factor why these are prevalently found in almost every other building. The designing features add versatility and curb appeal to the photo itself which is aim of block-oriented display in photographic styling. Other several reasons that invest uniqueness are

  • Depth and dimensions: This format does not rely on the traditional bordering of picture. This one is more on the visual depth aspect of the image that is why the photo is seemed to extend towards the edges, overall, a complete aesthetic striking effect.
  • No frame addition: Photo blocks have preferred to go frameless with a contemporary presentation. Thus, a clean and uncluttered display is guarantee.
  • Image is the main subject of the block display: The onlooker focus on the image squarely fitted in the block zone.
  • Durability: Photo blocks are designed and customized to be weather resistant. This offer a long lasting protection to the block base and the photo.

Types of photo block display patterns:

Depending on what suits the premises, picture, and how well it suits the interior, the types of photo blocks to be employed used is decided. Below mentioned are some designs and materials for photo-oriented blocks

  • Wooden blocks
  • Acrylic blocks
  • Canvas blocks
  • Metal blocks
  • Magnetic blocks
  • Hanging blocks
  • Tile-shaped blocks
  • Shape-fit blocks
  • Illuminating blocks
  • Layered blocks

Photo blocks, is a contemporary style of photo display which is high on aesthetic and durability. In this photo format, there is no framing or bordering rather than this the image itself is focused to be the centre of attention which makes the photo visually attractive.

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