Do you think this drug could be helpful to someone wanting to increase their lean body mass?

The study showed that mesterolone supplementation increased muscle mass and fiber size (hypertrophy) of chicken pectoralis without exercise. Mesterolone is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid with high progestational activity, which has been used for treating breast cancer in women since the 1960s. Its use as a male contraceptive was proposed at one point but never came to fruition because it caused liver damage when administered orally due to first-pass metabolism through gut flora. This study provides evidence that this drug may be useful for increasing skeletal muscle mass in chickens by acting on the muscles themselves rather than other tissues or organs like the prostate gland or testes; however, more research should be done before we can say definitively.

Does Mesterolone Increase Testosterone?

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and Nutrition has shown that mesterolone supplementation increases muscle mass and fiber size (hypertrophy) of chicken pectoralis without exercise. This is an important discovery for poultry farmers who are looking to increase their chickens’ meat production but don’t have enough space or time to provide sufficient physical activity for these animals. The research team recommends further studies be done with other species before this practice becomes widespread among commercial farms across the world.

Mesterolone, a synthetic androgen used to treat breast cancer in women or as an adjunct therapy Proviron for sale in the USA on, for men with low testosterone levels, may also have the potential to increase muscle size. In this study conducted on chickens, researchers found that supplementing mesterolone increased muscle mass without exercise. The implications of these findings are potentially significant because if the same effects could be replicated in humans it would provide a safe alternative for those who cannot tolerate testosterone injections or other treatments for their low-testosterone condition.

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Mesterolone supplementation increased muscle mass and fiber size (hypertrophy) of chicken pectoralis without exercise. In conclusion, it is possible that mesterolone can be a useful tool in preventing weight gain during times when the body undergoes limited physical activity such as illness or pregnancy.

If you’re not a bodybuilder and want to bulk up, then your best bet may be adding mesterolone supplements. A new study* has shown that supplementing with the hormone boosted muscle size in chickens without any exercise at all! The growth was so significant that it increased by 12%. This is exciting news for anyone who wants to build muscle mass but doesn’t have time or resources to work out. Give us a call if you need help choosing this type of product and we can match you with one specifically targeted towards increasing strength and gaining weight faster.

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