Form, Function, Perfection: 9 Essential Bathroom Supplies

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The bathroom is the space that should provide a sense of calm and stability in our day. After all, it’s generally where we spend the calm before the storm, preparing ourselves for that tense office meeting, that exciting first date, that first attempt at skydiving, and we should go into these events with a sense of serenity airing around us!

But to create the calmest space we need the right supplies, and here are nine that uplift and invigorate your washroom like no other:


  1. Washbasin

When it comes to the best bathroom accessories Melbourne has, the washbasin is truly essential. You simply can’t go past a high-quality washbasin being your space’s centerpiece – you can find them in an endless array of stunning designs and functionalities!

  1. Sanitary goods

Keeping ourselves hygienic is this space’s main functionality, so you need high-quality supplies to ensure you can do so without any hindrance. It’s always a good idea to have quality toilet paper holders, toilet suites, soap holders, etc. to ensure that you have a place for everything and that your sanitary products don’t go astray!

  1. Washroom fittings

Your fittings – like shower heads, bathtubs, taps, towel racks, etc. – are the fun part of designing your space, as they allow you to choose a range of design options that can invigorate the washroom.

  1. The glass shelf

The glass shelf is a washroom staple: easy-to-clean and there to hold all your essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more!

  1. The mirror

Well, we know that most washrooms have a mirror, but you shouldn’t just choose any old mirror, as this fixture can actually do a lot to make your washroom look much bigger, more calming, and more welcoming! So, try and choose a mirror that emboldens the space and that can be placed in a way that makes the washroom appear larger.

  1. Cabinets

Cabinets are typically adjoined to your washbasin and should therefore replicate its design (or vice-versa!). Whatever design you opt for, you should ensure that it is one that accommodates your products and accessories. Are you part of a couple and need enough space for both yours and their products? Do you need space for anything specific? These considerations are essential when choosing cabinetry.

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  1. The silver tray

The silver tray is another fantastic way to hold your vital accessories without having to put much work into fixing the design.

  1. Round grating

Your bathroom needs a good drainage system as it can easily become quite humid in this space. If your washroom floor allows water to pool then it can result in unhygienic conditions as well as slippery, dangerous surfaces. Therefore, ensure you’re able to drain any potential poolage with high-quality round grating drains that allow the water to flow effortlessly into your drainage system!

  1. The counter

Not all washrooms can accommodate the counter as they require some space to be fitted around a washbasin. However, if you are able to fit one of these into your bathroom design, then you may just find it to be a highly useful essential that can accommodate your unused accessories whilst you are getting ready.

These are the essentials that all bathrooms should have to create that sense of wondrous calm we all need to go into a big day. From cabinets to counters, fittings to mirrors, these essentials will inspire a golden feeling of goodness that is, really, what this space should be doing for everyone!

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