Will You Be Given an Expungement in Terms of Sex Crime?

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Will You Be Given an Expungement in Terms

If you have been charged with a sex offense, you might be wondering whether you will be given an expungement and will get a clear criminal record. In this article, we are going to discuss more on this topic which will help you get a clear picture of the situation.

What is an expungement?

Expungement means you will be cleared from any type of criminal record, just like you have not done any offense. You will be able to get any education, professional license, and the job that you always wanted. You will never have to discuss this unfortunate incident to make an application for any rental or loan application. This will help you to move ahead in your life, without having to worry about your past. However, this is only applicable in certain situations or you can say that the eligibility is only for certain cases.

So, what if you are charged with a sex offense? Will you be able to get an expungement in such a case? To discuss your situation, you can contact the attorneys at Gunter Bennett & Anthes. They will tell you to know about how to expunge your criminal record. They have around 65 years of combined experience and are available to fight your case 24 hours a day.

When is Expungement granted to an individual?

Sex Crime

An expungement is granted to an individual only in certain cases:

  • When a criminal charge is never filed
  • When charges are filed but was dismissed later on
  • When you are convicted of a crime but was acquitted during the trial stage
  • When you were convicted of the crime but were found innocent after reopening the case
  • When you were convicted of the crime but were given a clean chit by the president or the governor
  • When you were arrested, charged, or convicted in a case of identity theft, but later on the other individual was arrested, charged, or convicted in this same case
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In any of the cases, you can call your lawyer for help and he will help you with the details of how to get out of it.

Can a sex offense be given an expungement?

Will You Be Given an Expungement in Terms of Sex Crime

For a sex offense to be expunged, you will require to have no plea or conviction in this case. To be clear, a conviction or a deferred adjudication for a sex offense can never be removed or expunged from your record. If there is a chance that the defendant is not convicted then the defendant can send a petition to the court to expunge him/ her from the arrest or even any charges from the criminal records.

It is important to know that each sex crime is different, but this is always considered a serious offense.

What type of sex charges can be expunged?

Various types of offenses can be considered to be expunged whether you are convicted or given a differed. In such a case, only a knowledgeable attorney can help you know which kind of sex charges can be expunged or not. It is very important to know that the legal process of expungement is very tedious and complicated and you will need an experienced lawyer to help you in your case. They will review your circumstances and give you an objective opinion on your case and whether it is possible to get an expungement or not.

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