How to Select Machine Screws?

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If you are looking for suitable machine screws to purchase, then you must select the right one. Machine screws are nothing but essentially bolts that are basically designed for the purpose of use in machines.


They may feature a certain threaded shank having a head. You can always install any 316ss machine screws by driving into a certain tapped hole. However, if you want to achieve optimal performance, then you need to select the right type.

Machine screw versus bolt

Why are machine screws and bolts different if they can both be used with a nut? Keep in mind that tiny machine screws are typical. The way they are tightened in a tapped hole is the fundamental distinction.

Bolts are inserted, then the nut is turned to tighten them. Machine screws must have their heads torqued since they are screwed in rather than driven in.

Another important point of difference that you must understand:

  • All machine screws are bolts but you cannot call all bolts machine screws.
  • Machine screws are only used with a certain threaded hole for joining 2 components together, and often need a nut
  • Bolts will rely on nuts and they are fitted through a certain clearance hole for securing parts together.

The following are a few things to check while selecting machine screws:

1.      Threading

When purchasing machine screws, inspect the shank to determine the amount of threading. The shank of every machine screw is threaded. The primary shaft of any screw that is driven into a tapped hole is called the shank.


However, a machine screw’s quantity of threading can differ. While others have a completely threaded shank, other machine screws may have a partially threaded shank.

2.      Material

Machine bolts come in a variety of materials. They are available in a variety of metals and alloys. Machine bolts made of carbon steel are stronger and more durable. Machine bolts made of stainless steel, in contrast, are more shielded against rust and corrosion.

3.      Drive recess

Select machine screws that have the proper drive recess. The groove or indentation on a screw head is referred to as a drive recess. You will place a tool bit into your drive recess for installing a machine bolt. For various tool bits, there can be different driving recesses.

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4.      Size

Of course, you should also select machine bolts that are the appropriate size. When buying machine bolts, take the diameter and also length into account.

The length and diameter of a machine bolt must be suitable for the machine in which it will be installed.

A tapped hole is used to insert machine bolts. In other words, you will need to force them into a machine with a hole already cut out for them.


The machine bolt might not fit in this type of pre-cut or tapped hole if it is excessively wide or lengthy.

Do not make the error of selecting the incorrect machine bolts. No matter how you want to utilize them, you must pick the proper kind of machine bolts. By looking at the threading, material, driving recess, and size, you can choose the ideal machine bolts.

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