Macarons: A Perfect Dessert Item that is Easy to Personalize as Per any Wedding theme

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Make your wedding a little Parisian by adding the most irresistible dessert item to your menu – Macarons. Originally known to come from France, macarons are a popular sweet dish that is enjoyed by everyone.

Whether you choose to serve your guest at the wedding or give them as a take-home gift, these delicious sweets will surely make your guests smile.

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Besides, there are many ways in which you can personalize macarons. Usually, wedding macarons are designed keeping in mind the theme of the wedding.

Now, the theme doesn’t just mean sticking to the color scheme of the wedding, but there are many ways in which you can design this delicious dessert.

Here are a few things to consider when you order macarons for your wedding


Macarons come in countless flavors. It is possible to get them made in any flavor or combination of flavors. Usually, for weddings, it is a good idea to pick 2 flavors, one that belongs to the bride, and one that belongs to the groom.

The usual flavors are chocolate, coffee, and tea. However, now you can even get made some salty macarons. This is especially suitable for couples that are not much into desserts.

Thanks to some talented chefs, now it is possible to find macarons in salty flavors like popcorn and salmon.

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Furthermore, if you have always liked the idea of serving cocktails, but don’t want to do so in traditional style, you can even get cocktail macarons made.

Yes, this is very much possible and surely attract the attention of your guests. After all, who wouldn’t like to try some chocolate macarons with vodka in them?

Creative ways of using macarons at weddings

Along with being a wonderful wedding dessert, macarons can serve many different purposes at a wedding event.

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Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for using macarons at weddings:

1. Escort cards

Using a toothpick, place an escort card on the macaron and arrange them. Every guest who enters will pick the card, as well as enjoy the melting macrons.

2. Use it as a cake decoration or cake topper

There are many ways in which macarons can make your wedding cake look more appealing and appetizing. A good chef can surely incorporate these cuties to make the cake look unique.

3. Favors

Everyone likes to take a small token of love home, and what can you give better than some delicious sweet or salty macarons?

4. Dessert table element

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The decoration element that catches the eye of every guest is always appreciated. You can ask the decorators to use macarons as elements while setting up the dessert table.

Lastly, when it comes to including macarons in your wedding menu, remember that presentation will matter a lot.

You can personalize macarons in a variety of ways, and thus make them a part of your wedding celebration.

Finally, try to have fun with them. It is your wedding, and so it has to be a day you remember as perfection. Create sweet memories that you will cherish for life.

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