PRP Therapy for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

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PRP is a therapy used by doctors to speed up the healing process in various parts of the body. It can help you to regrow your hair. This treatment is often used when hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia, a disorder that makes hair follicles shrink. Male pattern baldness is the term for this condition in men. Even PRP is a new technique, it has a great demand across the world for its effective results. There are also some scientific proofs that it can promote hair growth.

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Going bald may be devastating, especially in terms of self-esteem and social engagement. According to one research, more than 25% of women who lose their hair have depressive symptoms. When it comes to men it can be an emotional burden. PRP is a natural therapy, which has given hope to many people. Hair loss can occur at any point during adulthood, despite the fact that it is frequently connected with aging and heredity.

Balding happens when the hair follicles, or tiny sacs that hold individual hairs to the scalp, shrivel, enabling hair to fall out. Doctors have utilized PRP to treat tendon and muscle injuries in sports medicine. Injecting platelets from your blood can boost blood flow to your hair follicles according to studies, and these results in thick hair.

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During the procedure doctors generally inject plasma into your scalp to stop hair fall problems. Your injection schedule will depend on various factors like hair loss pattern, severity, genetics, hormones, and age. As this is a cosmetic procedure, your insurance may not cover it. Even though you have one more option for this such as hair transplantation, it requires cuts in your scalp. Moreover, the recovery time is usually longer than that of PRP treatment.

Who are the right candidates for PRP therapy?

If you have serious health problems like diabetes or thyroid, you may not get the expected results with PRP therapy. This treatment is not a good choice for people taking blood thinners too. If you have any health problems, make sure that you discuss them with your doctor before taking the treatment. Discuss with your doctor if you are taking any supplements or drugs.

Are there any side effects of this treatment?

As it is a natural treatment, you may not experience serious side effects. However, people taking PRP therapy for hair loss and hair thinning may experience some side effects like swelling, headache, scalp tenderness, and pain at the injection site.

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Try PRP therapy for hair loss and hair thinning today without giving it a second thought!

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