Signs That You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Many people are dealing with mental health difficulties and dual diagnoses nowadays. Most people stay away from the treatment due to their financial problems. Dual diagnosis therapy is used for treating individuals with both mental health and substance abuse disorders. The main advantage of dual diagnosis therapy is that it treats both problems at a time.

When you have a mental health issue and a substance addiction, your brain may tell you that you need to use hazardous substances to feel better. There are so many rehab centers that provide dual diagnosis treatment. Besides, if you feel that all of them charge more from their patients, you are mistaken. There are some good rehab centers like Arrow Passage Recovery, which provide the treatment charging very reasonably from their patients.

What are the signs that tell you to need dual diagnosis therapy?

You could approach a mental health professional or addiction expert to know whether you require dual diagnosis therapy or not. If you observe the below signs then contact a mental health professional immediately to know whether you require dual-diagnosis therapy.

dual diagnosis therapy

  • A sudden decline in your performance at the workplace college or school.
  • Hiding about your substance abuse from friends and family.
  • Feeling guilty about your substance abuse.
  • When you try to cut back or stop using the substance, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • Doing drug abuse regularly to forget your problems or to control your emotions.
  • Feeling anxiety, depression, PTSD, and personality disorders.

What are the benefits of dual diagnosis therapy?

  • Dual diagnosis treatment helps you learn how to take control over the issues. It helps you to create a plan to cope with your problem.
  • Dual-diagnosis programs assist in recognizing the specific problems you may be experiencing as well as the psychological reasons that contributed to your substance abuse.
  • Some dual diagnosis therapy programs also use holistic treatments like yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and dietary counseling to help you achieve the perfect balance, stay optimistic and live a drug-free life.
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How to help the individuals doing drug abuse?

dual diagnosis therapy

  • Try to speak with them and make them comfortable. Try to understand their problem and remove the negative thoughts from their mind.
  • Stay with them always to ensure that they don’t abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Take them to a peaceful and beautiful place to divert their mind from drug abuse.
  • Show them some motivational videos to motivate them. Make them speak with some motivational speakers.
  • Take them to a mental health care professional, and they will let you know what needs to be done.
  • Provide them with proper food and ensure that they eat on time. Most people with mental illnesses and drug addiction don’t eat properly due to which they become weak. Hence, it is important to take care of them.
  • Buy some special gifts for them and make them happy. They should realize that you are there for them always. You should give them space to share their feelings.

Speak with a health care professional immediately, if you are suffering from mental illnesses or drug addiction!

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