Sleeping with ACs During Nighttime – What to Know

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An air conditioning unit is the next best thing in the world of ceiling and table fans. People can enjoy cool environmental conditions in any room that they live or work in with the help of air conditioning units.

These ACs are like a boon for people who reside and also suffer in the hot climatic regions during summer. However, it is not suggested to use ACs all the time, especially during the nighttime.

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Temperature Ideal for Bedroom 

The ideal temperature to set in the house in all climatic conditions is 18.3 degrees C. The temperature can be adjusted with one or two more or fewer degrees, but never more than that number.

This number will ensure that your body will be neither cold nor hot when you wake up in the morning.

ACs During Nighttime 

During the daytime, the sun will be at its peak and this factor can help your body maintain a certain temperature throughout the 12 hours.

When the sun sets and everything starts getting a bit cool or chill, the body temperature will automatically fall a few degrees, especially during sleeping hours.

Hence, many experts suggest using the warm mode of AC so that the temperature drop is retained.

The suggested temperature for AC adjustment anywhere in the house is not more than 18 degrees C. This number can never reach more than 20 degrees C.

ACs During Nighttime
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The over-cooling of the temperature with the help of AC in any room can affect the body’s homeostasis. This can result in causing the person to feel not only cold during the nighttime, but also may develop fever, cough, or cold.

Sometimes, the constant running of the fan or AC during nighttime can result in making the body dehydrate.

The person can wake up during nighttime many times to rehydrate their body by drinking fluids. This is just like spoiling the peaceful sleeping hours and the sleep cycle.

Installing AC 

Even though the installation of ACs comes with many drawbacks and benefits, it is suggested to go with the idea.

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Here are some reasons to back the statement. 

· Affordability 

ACs are affordable and are available in different dimensions to suit all residences. The maximum cost can be no more than $500.

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· Features 

ACs are loaded with many wonderful features for users. Hence, the buyers can choose the best as per the requirement.

· Easy to Install 

Installing AC is very easy. The manual will suggest the right procedure for installing AC anywhere.

If you are not sure about the idea of running AC throughout the night, then you can just go with the alternative ideas such as pre-cooling the room, opening the windows to let the natural air circulate, using thinner sheets, and so on.

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