Smart Home Technology Can Make Life Better In Some Surprising Ways

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Smart house technology has made life easy in multiple ways than expected. With the advancement in technology, there are more features introduced that you never expected.

Surprising ways how home automation has made lives easier

Smart Home Technology

No more lingering in the morning

Lingering around for 15 minutes for the water to heat up can cause frustration in the morning. Fortunately with a smart home system, set water geyser timing right after your waking alarm rings. You can stay tucked under the sheets for 15 more minutes and enjoy the hot shower without waiting.

Use voice commands to start your coffee machine or toaster from the bed. Start the washing machine right from where you are in the morning as you have put all the dirty laundry in it, the night before as there are countless things to take care of in the morning.

Temperature control

Why increase the utility bills for cooling an unoccupied room? Why nag kids to turn the AC on or off when they enter or move out from the room? A smart home system has motion sensor-activated temperature controls. This helps the entire family to move around the house without the concerns of shutting the AC off or putting it on. The motion sensors help to reduce energy consumption. It is a budget-friendly option to traditional heating or cooling methods.

Controlled security

Smart Home Technology

Home smart security systems comprise motion sensors and cameras, which offer 360° surveillance for the home. CCTV ensures that only the home members have access inside the house, while motion sensors identify suspicious activity across the property.

Alert notifications

If the security system identifies any suspicious activities or threats that need attention, it alerts the authorities or sounds an alarm, or sends an alert notification. It can even offer you remote access to the security footage.

Guards the door

Guards the door

Connect your smartphone to the locking system. You can double-check the door locks when at work, in bed, or away on vacation. There is no need to get out of bed or drive back home to check the locks, but with a single tap, you can lock if the door is found unlocked.

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Kids monitoring

Working parents are always concerned about their kid’s safety at home when they are away. The smart house system helps to keep eyes on your kids even from another state. You can check frequently about their whereabouts in the house.

Control the lights

Control the lights

The smart home controller allows setting lights to turn dim at the same time daily for kids to know it is bedtime. After binge-watching a show or reading a book, you feel irritated to get up from the relaxed position in bed to turn the lights off before falling asleep. The automated house allows turning lights off with your voice or phone from where you are.

Automate fish tanks & sprinklers

Leaving your fish and plants behind, when you have to go camping or hiking for some days, is hard. You have to call favours to ensure they survive until you return. With a Smart home system, you can automate feeders in the fish tank and the sprinklers that consistently take care of them when you are away.

Remember, only the appliance you integrate will operate with your smartphone or voice command!

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