Freezer Spacers At Cold Storage Facilities Add To Energy Efficiency

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Freezer Spacers

Freezer Spacers insertion and removal system is great for operators to handle the task efficiently and comfortably. TopIndustries introduced a new technology called freezer space dividers.

The load is tilted to 100° or 90° via a control panel. The operator widens the upper compactor and separates products from freezer space inserters or pallets.

The operator inserts a new pallet and the system is automated to come back to its start position. Products are positioned on a new pallet and prepared to get shipped.

Freezer spacer and blast freezing technique have gone hand in hand, since its introduction five decades ago. It reduces cooling process time and saves on energy bills. Extremely cold air is forced to quickly chill products.

In the food industry blast freezing is a boon. Meat, seafood, fish, poultry, or other product that is packed freshly maintains their taste, freshness, and appearance with blast freezing.

Blast freezing eliminates the heat load from the product and transfers it to the super cold moving air. Rather than allowing the product to sit and dissipate heat from a block, you are dividing stacked products into small units.

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Freezer spacer saves on energy bills as it separates products into small units allowing chilled airflow with ease across the sides, bottom, and top of the packaging. More package area is exposed to the chilly air. This results in quick heat load exchange in comparison to a single pile.

With a single investment in an L-shape splitter, you help in creating an efficient a safe workflow. Inserting and removing the freezer pallets and spacers by hand is a time-consuming and laborious task.

The material handlers are already working in a freezing environment and the repetitive actions of bending, stretching, pulling, and pushing can exhaust them physically.

The production also suffers because tasks get slower and slower as the day ends. Your employees and overall business can benefit from a freezer spacer insertion and removal system.

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Benefits of freezer spacer

  • Blast freezing doesn’t work well without the freezer inserter/spacer. The spacers are designed uniquely to allow cold air circulation with minimal restriction.
  • They are a low-cost investment but make a difference in product quality and freezing time.
  • With freezer inserters/spacers the energy costs are reduced which affects your bottom line efficiently.
  • You deliver high-quality goods, which helps your brand to sell more and increase revenue.
  • They are eco-friendly as they are designed from recycled materials. Thus you remove carbon footprint, so it is beneficial to the environment in terms of sustainability and energy saving.
  • They are designed to handle temperatures between -80° to 175°F.

The eco-friendly freezer inserter mats and even the pallets are designed to protect product integrity, reduce energy costs, and earn more profits.

TopIndustries Inc. offers pallet inverters that can handle a minimum of 50 pallets in one hour but when integrated with a fully automatic inline logistic system the capacity can increase to 100 pallets within an hour. You check their YouTube videos on how the pallet tippers work or follow on LinkedIn.

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