Measures to Take for Removal of Asbestos Garage Roof

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Asbestos removal is not that easy. And you would not want your garage with this asbestos roof. So, what is that you can do about it? Here in this article, we are going to help you deal with such problems at a low cost and with no damage caused to your roof.

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Naturally occurring, Asbestos is a fibrous material that was mixed with cement to provide insulation for buildings earlier in 1960 or 1970. This was popularly used in garage roofing where it was used for its durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Not to forget its insulating as well as the weather and fire-proofing properties.

Mixed with cement, the asbestos used here was the white variety called chrysolite.

What are The Different Types of Asbestos?

There are many different types of asbestos, which are banned by the government due to its health hazard:

  • Chrysotile (white asbestos): As we said this is a common one used for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors. This contains a mixture of little quantity of tremolite
  • Amosite: It is a strong, heat-resistant type mainly used in cement sheets, plumbing and electrical insulation. They provide a higher risk of cancer.
  • Crocidolite: Made of thin fibres, it is brittle. It can break easily and have a higher chance of getting inhaled
  • Tremolite: As it can be mixed with chrysolite, it is used in paints, sealants etc.
  • Actinolite: They are lightweight and dark in colour. They are used in paints, sealants and drywall.
  • Anthophyllite: These fibres are grey-brown and are mainly mixed with composite flooring.
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Why Was Asbestos Banned?

In the year 1999, asbestos was banned all around the UK for its deadly characteristics. It is said that the inhalation of this material can lead to problems like lung sickness. This has started to become fatal for many.

But even if it was banned, there were many houses or buildings constructed before 1999, where asbestos must have been used due to its popularity. So, if you suspect one, then we would suggest you remove it as early as possible.

You should never try to remove it yourself. Because asbestos once touched can lead to danger. If moved, the fibres will be released and once you inhale them it can be fatal to you. Many such companies do this asbestos garage removal. There are experienced staff who can do this job quickly, efficiently and safely. For this, you will have to find someone who is UKATA certified and who can ensure you with a waste consignment note that the work is completed and the hazardous object is removed completely.

Encapsulating is another option for an asbestos roof. But this will depend on the situation of the asbestos. If it becomes very dangerous to remove it then you can leave it undisturbed where it is in good condition to leave in place.

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In this case, encapsulating is a sealing process that will stop the fibre from releasing asbestos when the roof begins to deteriorate or gets damaged over time. If the asbestos-containing material is in good condition then you need not worry. But it will need a proper management plan or re-inspection regularly.

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How do You Know That Your Roof Is Made of Asbestos Material?

You can confirm this by sending the material to the lab for test. But before that, some signs and indications will tell you if the materials contain asbestos:

  • Asbestos roofing sheets are usually corrugated
  • If the garage was built before 1999, then there are higher chances for the roof to contain asbestos. Especially during the 1960 or 1970’s it was the most popular material to be used for building roofs.
  • You will see a larger amount of moss or lichen growth found over the roof which is again because the roof must have been built years back.
  • The ageing of the roof can also help distinguish between concrete or asbestos roof. Mostly the roofs made of concrete look crumbly after a particular time. But asbestos may start to show cracks with time.
  • There might be some signs of dimples or craters on the corrugated roofs which usually happens because of the presence of asbestos.

If any of these signs are seen, you should get an accredited asbestos company to make a survey as soon as possible.

Having asbestos on the roof will not affect the house value at all. Only in case the roof is damaged and the asbestos is disturbed, then there are chances that they may cause some potential health risks.

Many buyers do perform an asbestos survey before buying the property. In that case, if it is highlighted by the survey company then there are chances that you might have to negotiate with the property value. Or else this deal might even get cancelled. Thus, you should get the asbestos roof removed or encapsulated before planning to sell the property.

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