Tekmetric Auto Repair Software Because Efficiency And Good Customer Relations Are The Path To The Future

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The Idea Behind Tekmetric

For a long period of time, automotive shop management systems had an outdated feel. Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel believed shops deserved software that was modern, technologically advanced, provided excellent benefits for the owners of the shops and their customers, and was reliable. These were the reasons they came to the decision to create their own software. They called their auto repair software Tekmetric and designed it for the owners of automotive repair facilities to improve both profits and efficiency.


This gives business owners the opportunity to use the software both intuitive and all-encompassing to make improvements in their business. The software offers a labor guide to build estimates, enables the business to text message their customers, manages inventory with accuracy, performs digital inspections for vehicles, and keeps the shop running efficiently and smoothly. Tekmetric was designed with passion to save shop owners hassles and time. This software required two full years in R&D for development and was built by shop owners who understood exactly what was needed.

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The Customer Experience

One commonality for every business is if the customer is not satisfied with their experience they will not return. Efficiently taking care of the customer needs is critical for running a successful business. Manual systems are out of date and make it easy for customer complaints and requests to be overlooked. The Tekmetric auto repair software ensures the business is properly organized so the customers receive the best possible service. Their questions are answered quickly and any complaints can be resolved prior to become an insurmountable issue.

Fine Tuning Communication


Most people remember the old telephone game where everyone sat in a circle and whispered a phrase into the ear of the person next to them. When this phrase reached the end of the circle it was unrecognizable. The effect is similar in an office with poor communication. Most issues are caused by misunderstandings between management and the employees. The beauty of an automated system is the channels of communication are always clear.

All messages between the employees and staff are tracked to ensure everyone understands exactly what needs to be done. The result is business tasks are streamlined, efficiency increases as errors decrease, smarter and faster decisions are made by management, employee productivity increases, the business quality improves, customer satisfaction increases, and the hardest work is taken care of by the Tekmetric auto repair software.

Improving Services

In many cases, the reason a mechanic is working on a specific job is availability instead of suitability. The stories about mechanics working in an area they are not qualified for are abundant and the results can be disastrous. This increases the time necessary to complete the job and decreases profitability. One of the most important aspects of auto repair software is the ability to match the right technician with the current jobs. The software also decreases the time wasted completing unnecessary and redundant tasks. Once the processes are streamlined, it becomes easy to see what activities are simply not required.


The auto repair software determines which tasks need to be focused on by the employees to help ensure the success of the business. The Tekmetric auto repair software is incredibly important for every business owner interested in increasing their profits, decreasing errors, ensuring customer satisfaction, and making certain their shop is running smoothly and efficiently. Tekmetric brings auto repair into the future.

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