Greenland Ice Sheet – The Destination You Must Visit Before Global Warming

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Greenland Ice Sheet


There are many different destinations worth visiting with their own unique attractions and features that will lure visitors eternally! However, this statement is not applicable to every part of the world. The 21st century is marked by the threat of global warming that is causing dramatic climate changes all around the world. While some locations will not get affected by this unfortunate process, others may change forever.

Greenland and its ice sheet are one of the locations that are directly threatened by global warming and it might be the best time to visit this destination before it changes forever. Greenland is full of mystery and this website provides some information about that. Anyway, there are numerous reasons to visit this land before global warming takes its toll.

Ilulissat Icefjord


First and foremost, Greenland is known for its iconic glacier Ilulissat Icefjord that is the largest one outside Antarctica! A truly marvelous landscape that is breathtaking and provides beautiful opportunities to take breathtaking photos and videos. Even more, this Ilulissat Icefjord and Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier provide visitors with the planet’s history. If you decide to hire a guide for your trip, you’ll get a lot of new information.

The Great Greenland Ice Sheet

The Great Greenland Ice Sheet is more than 10,000 years old and covers a major part of the country. However, it’s under a threat as the ice is melting due to global warming. The Great Ice Sheet is actually present since the last Ice Age, so this fact makes it an even more impressive landmark. Seeing it at least once in a lifetime is crucial for people who are into adventuring.

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Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

It’s hard to forget about the Aurora Borealis. One of the greatest sights that one could enjoy, it can be viewed from only a handful of locations around the world. Greenland is one of them! This naturally occurring phenomenon has some science behind it but we are here for spectacular sights. Greenland is more than able to provide you with those and you should visit it somewhere between December and February so the nights are clear and you’ll be able to see Aurora Borealis in its glory.


Yes, Greenland is a perfect place to observe whales! If you do your research, you’ll know that the fjords usually melt closer to the end of Spring; so, June and July are perfect months to visit Greenland to observe whales. The experience is the best if you’re cruising on a yacht among icebergs. So, keep that in mind if you’re considering visiting Greenland or want to observe whales from up close.

Explore Wildlife

Explore Wildlife

Greenland is known for a variety of different species of animals. However, the melting of ice and global warming are creating adverse conditions for the local fauna. That is why it’s the best time to find yourself a specialized sled tour to guide you through the wilderness of Greenland. You will be able to spot Arctic wolves, polar bears, musk oxen, and reindeer. A lot to handle yet a memory for a lifetime.

Global warming is putting its toll on the inhabitants of Greenland as hunters who use sleds will be more limited in their ability to traverse the territory.

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Viking Sites and Mummies

There’s a legend that Vikings named this land Greenland to confuse any potential visitors. Whether it’s true or not, Greenland features Viking colonies that are approximately 1,000 years old! Even more, the National Museum features artifact collections that are 4,500 years old. Some of the more memorable expositions are the mummies of people who were around in 1475.

Great Hotels and Housing Options

Great Hotels and Housing Options

Do not forget about the luxury of having a back in natural hot springs! Although Greenland is known mostly for its cold weather, there is a hidden gem. Greenland has hundreds of hot springs that are available to visitors for a whole year. Some of those are around 35 degrees Celsius while others can reach up to 60! All-in-all, a great option for people who are tired after all the exploration that can exhaust anyone. It’s possible to enjoy the contrast now but who knows what will happen after global warming reaches Greenland?

Final Thoughts

Greenland is an interesting location for any tourist. You can find rare animals, impressive landscapes, and unique experiences. However, it is important to understand that this land is one of those that are directly influenced by human activity and global warming is taking its toll. So, if you are looking for a place to visit that could become something different soon enough, consider Greenland. This is a land of great sights, impressive memories, and life experiences.

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