Top kit: how to use your Uwell Caliburn G pod kit

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Pod kits are easily one of the most popular vaping devices on the Aussie market. Why? Because they are an easy-to-use, highly portable kit that makes vaping on the go a breeze.

For people who are making the switch from smoking to vaping, pod kits are probably the best option, as they are a high quality option (as opposed to many store bought ciggie-imitations) and allow you to replicate the motion of smoking (something that is important for many cig – vape transitioners).

One pod kit that is making waves across the world is the Uwell Caliburn G pod kit. The Caliburn G is known as a GOAT in the pod kit industry, with high quality coils, a premium design and a flavour that lesser vapes simply cannot hold a coil to!

Uwell Caliburn G pod kit

The Caliburn G is the new and improved Caliburn, with a lightweight frame, thin design and incredibly portable modality, making it perfect for vapers who find themselves on-the-go or like to vape when hanging with mates.

Finally, there is a new and improved battery which makes the design even more user-friendly.

So, how exactly do you use the Caliburn G? Well, the original design is known for its user-friendliness, so you can be sure that the new and improved model isn’t going to be much different in terms of the operational standards:

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  1. Basic operation

To commence operation, simply rapidly press the fire button five times. The device’s LED light at the bottom will shine a green light whether turning it on or off.

The LED light will also indicate a charge level once the device is turned on. If the device shines a green light – the charge is above 60%. A blue light means the charge is somewhere between 30% and 60%.

Naturally, a red light indicates the charge is low and could use some proper charging before vaping. If the light flashes red 10 times in a row, this means the device is out of battery and will shut itself down.

  1. Charging your Caliburn G

Charging your Caliburn G is also easy, as it uses a simple USB charging method. The light at the device’s bottom will flash slowly, showing that the device is on charge and is charging as required. The color in which it flashes repeats the level of how much it has charged (red – low; blue – medium; green – near full; stagnant green – fully charged).

  1. Filling your Caliburn G with eJuice

All you have to do is pop off the cap to fill your pod with eJuice. The pod contains clear glass so you can easily see how much eJuice you have put in the pod. Once you have finished filling the pod with eJuice, all you have to do is put the top back on and wait five minutes for the coil to prime.

  1. Changing Caliburn G coils

For changing the coils, simply pull the top cap off and the coil will be found at the pod’s bottom. The coil is easy to pull out and put in, so changing it shouldn’t present any problems. All you have to do is put the pod back into the device, fill up the device with eJuice and you should be ready to enjoy one of the very best pod kits on the market!

As you can see, using the Caliburn G pod kit is an absolute breeze. Specifically designed for easy use, the Caliburn G is a real winner for simple, mobile vaping, without the hassles that other designs present the vaper.

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