Top Places You Can Sell Textbooks in 2021

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Alberto Manguel was right when he said the number of books is always more than the space they are given. This is especially true for book collectors, avid readers, and college students. If you want to free up space, you can sell your books online and generate extra income.

Can Sell Textbooks

Some people have succeeded in making bookselling a side business. Why can’t you? If you’re a college student, you could be getting back some of your money spent on college books, especially knowing that you spend over $1,200 on just books.

If you want to know the top places to sell textbooks and earn decent money, follow this guide.

Where To Find The Top Places To Sell Textbooks

The bookselling sites listed below are the best places, to begin with, if you’re new in the bookselling industry. If you want to make selling books your side business, use these sites as a head start. With that said, let’s begin.

1. BookDeal

a book deal is steadily becoming one of the best places to sell textbooks online. The company has been in the bookselling business for quite some time. And that’s why they have an in-depth understanding of online bookselling, including the possible complications that may arise.



The company has an extensive network of reliable book-buying companies and ensures an easy selling process. book deal also makes it simple to find the highest offers, and most importantly, they guarantee your payment.

All that is required of you is to ship your textbooks. And even with that, the company takes care of the cost.

2. Half

Half is affiliated with eBay, and they specialize in books and CDs. The company doesn’t request a listing fee, but you pay a commission from the books sold on the platform.

The commission ranges from 5 to 15%, and that relies on the sales you make. So if the price of purchase is higher, you get a low commission rate. The company pays you via direct deposit to your checking account.

Even though you pay a small commission, they offer the best place to sell textbooks.

3. eBay

If you want the best place to start selling textbooks online, eBay is an excellent place to begin. Even though you can sell textbooks there, it’s also an ideal place to sell rare and collectible books like Harry Potter collections.


Regarding their fees, it can be complicated. But what you need to know is that the first 50 books you list on eBay are free. From there, you pay 30 cents for every book you list in the same month.

eBay has a fee calculator (which is helpful), particularly if you plan on selling books for the long term. It’s a great place to start selling your textbooks.

4. Amazon

If you know which button to press, Amazon can be a game-changer in terms of selling your textbooks. Since the company charges for every item you list on the site, it’s ideal for listing books that will bring you massive profits.

There are items already on the Amazon list you can sell, and there are thousands of CDs, books, etc. there. But it may not include some collections you may want to sell. With that, Amazon gives you alternatives to sell used textbooks.

Can Sell Textbooks

You can try the trade-in program to search for textbooks using ISBN to see what Amazon has to offer. You’ll then complete a short questionnaire about your textbook’s condition. Amazon will then send you a shipping label, and when they get your books, they pay you via Amazon credit.

Amazon credit is not cash, but you can still make some purchases. The other method is by creating a seller account. You then list the books you want to sell yourself, which means you have to develop strategies to make your books sell.

5. BooksRun

BooksRun is another excellent place to sell your textbooks online on any subject. The process is simple and straightforward to follow. Just insert your textbook’s ISBN to know your selling options.

After deciding on selling your textbook, print the prepaid shipping label and ship your book. You may get paid within 4-5 working days after the company receives and assesses your books. BooksRun pays you through PayPal or check.

6. Bookbyte

Bookbyte is one of the oldest book-selling companies in the industry. The bookselling process is simple; if your textbook is in good condition, you check the price. If you like the price you get, print the shipping label and ship it.

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The company will pay you through PayPal or check after they receive the shipment and process them. That can take about 17 – 20 working days.

7. TextbookRush

TextbookRush was established in 1994 in Ohio. It’s an excellent bookselling platform if you have tons of books to sell. It’s ideal if you want to make selling books a side business. But before you proceed, you need to find the book’s edition because it won’t purchase editions not listed on their site.

When your address is verified, you can select your payment method.

You Can Sell Textbooks


Before you sell books to any of the sites listed above, ensure that your books are in good condition. At least, it has to be reusable, so it’s best to check the website’s book condition requirements before you proceed.

You can compare the various sites and choose the ones that work for you. Either way, they all have the potential to earn you decent money every month.

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