Steven Taylor – True Sustained Business Success Needs Consistent Hard Work

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Propaganda started three decades ago intending to offer wrapped mints hygienically solely in London. Companies can use the wrapped mint for brand promotion and convey ‘Thank You’. Propaganda’s first sweet product was the ‘Thank You’ mint.

Stephen Taylor started Propaganda with zeal and positive emotions. Unfortunately, he suffered a lot of anxiety and depression because of the lack of sales in the early days. Rejection can break or make people get more resilient and tough. Being an entrepreneur or maker is not just about designing a product and waiting for it to sell. Business makers need to master multiple skills.

Starting a business involves hard work. Becoming successful as an entrepreneur needs unique skill sets like people management, salesmanship, emotional strength, and financial acumen. Stephen took rejections optimistically and used them as a driver to progress forward. He humbly started with door-to-door sales in restaurants influencing them to purchase the gift-wrapped ‘Thank You’ mints.

Today, Propaganda has dozens of unique gift-wrapped sweets. Several of these products are so unique that Stephen holds its patent. For example, the Mint Twister and the Mini Mint Cube are the most popular gifts, which were introduced as patented products.

Propaganda even offers a customized product for business or campaign use. Customized products mean the recipients will get a product that no one has. Today, the small company in London has transformed into an MNC associated with several blue chip companies across the USA, Middle East, Europe, and the Far East.

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Economic markets fluctuate and soon you find yourself in a recession. According to Stephen, as an entrepreneur, you need to think beyond the economic curve and accordingly adjust your brand offerings. In every market condition, there are business opportunities but you need to work smart and hard. Success does not occur overnight, it takes years of ups and downs along with the consistency of applying suitable business practices to stay ahead.

In the three decades, Taylor experienced his share of success and failure. With a wide business vision, he could clearly see the path that lead to achievement. He doesn’t regret the failures down the road that cause him vast financial costs because he learned a lot from those scenarios.

Stephen is the owner of a multi-national company but that doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants. As an entrepreneur, he is well aware that he is accountable for his customers, employees, banker, stakeholders, landlords, and investors. He just didn’t work hours to grow his business but even took steps in returning to his Jewish community.

As a charitable person, he also felt a responsibility to embrace his Jewish community. He shared his skills with new entrepreneurs to make them successful. The several charities Taylor supports include the National Trust, UJIA, multiple food banks, Boys Club House, and Jewish Care.

Stephen started small but had a clear vision to expand. He also prefers to use technology because it offers a great chance to market your brand, drive sales, and thus increase profits. Stephen is a self-made man determined to stay successful and ahead of the competition.

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