What Happens When Cosmetic Hair Surgery Goes Terribly Wrong?

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Cosmetic hair surgery is an all too valuable treatment for many a person. And despite what people may think, the stereotype that a cosmetic hair surgery treatment is only done by people feeling vain about their hair is entirely wrong. Sure, it may be A reason for some people, but so many people get it to address injuries or health issues that lead to their hair being affected. The problem is when cosmetic hair surgery creates serious problems, where the surgery makes things worse, or it even leads to some form of damage resulting from it.

What can happen from a botched cosmetic hair surgery appointment

One of the biggest issues that people who get a dissatisfying experience with a cosmetic hair surgery appointment is that they simply did not go with the right option. This is not, of course, a guarantee of a successful transplant, but honestly, inexperience (and sometimes dishonesty) can be the biggest thing that led you into a bad situation. No matter where you live, you run the risk of getting a pretty awful hair transplant if you do not take care to pick the proper clinic to have it done.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, India, Turkey, all face this problem. Some places are worse than others, however, since certain countries like Turkey have laxer laws regarding the regulation of such clinics, leading to people traveling to the area to get hair transplants there.

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There are far too many hair transplant clinics that are not licensed, meaning that there is nothing out there verifying that the clinics meet a certain standard of quality, ethics, and qualifications, among other important factors. A hair transplant clinic such as that may not even be honest about this being the case, so if you are not keeping an eye out for that qualification (or lack thereof), you may not even realize that you were working with someone who lacks qualifications to do something so important. If this person does not do a satisfactory job or even does a generally negative job, this very well could qualify as medical malpractice. If that’s the case, you may be well-served to look into potential legal actions you can take.

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Hair transplants have gotten significantly cheaper over the last decade, owing to improved tools and knowledge to do the transplants. However, you should really take care to be mindful of hair transplant clinics that offer transplants for too low a cost. Nowadays, if a place is offering hair transplants for around $1000, that should not raise any alarms in and of itself. However, if you see a place offering hair transplants for less money than that, you should absolutely express a certain degree of skepticism. If you do decide to go with them — a decision that you would be advised to not make — you should also take care to ask about the qualifications and accreditations attached to the clinic.

Happens When Cosmetic Hair Surgery Goes

This kind of information will determine whether they are trying to do this job without the experience to pull it off or if they are just doing an absurd sale. If they don’t provide it or are reticent to do so, that should be enough to make you go out the door.

Depending on how the transplant goes, the consequences of a botched cosmetic hair surgery treatment can be entirely ruinous. There have been reports of the transplants causing people’s hairline to be bloody, crusty, and worse yet, it can create a long-term poor image for the victims. People have even found themselves scarred by the treatment, leaving them with a permanent blemish. Since they are not licensed, you also run the risk of them doing a simply awful job making it look realistic. Poor hairlines, inaccurate hair direction, poor hair growth; heck, people have reported seemingly having more obvious bald spots than before they went to get their treatment.

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The disastrous transplant is not at all helped by the fact that these unlicensed people often fail to properly explain to their patients how to properly care for the transplants after the fact, which only exacerbates the problems caused at the so-called clinic.

Having a bad look is not necessarily going to be the only downside of the procedure. Indeed, one may experience their fair share of health detriments if the procedure is not done properly. After all, it is a surgical procedure, and any surgical procedure is going to have an inherent risk to it, no matter how small. It is entirely possible to have an infection form on the affected area, and any infection can be quite serious if left to fester. Not that you should just gamble with possibly only looking bad, but it’s not worth the gamble if the outcome is that you might keel over from the infection. There is a very good reason why people are expected to be licensed practitioners when doing surgeries like this. It may not seem like a big deal, but any kind of surgery is.

But the question remains, how do places like this get away with their behavior so much? How do they attract people so easily? Well, beyond the fact that people are always looking for the cheaper option, the “best” unlicensed clinics know how to frame their marketing in such a way to attract people to seek out their services. Creating a well-designed website creates the impression of legitimacy that they lack from a lack of licensing, and smart SEO/Google advertisement can get people to see that professional-looking website and ensnare them in their hairy web. Much like any scam, one should not feel bad for having gotten tricked; even the smartest of people may find themselves getting taken for all they’ve got, or given something they certainly didn’t want, such is the case here.

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One of the best parts of this situation is that it is not a dead-end for your hair. Granted, it may be costly and time-consuming, which is the last thing you want to be told if you tried to take the cheap or easy way to get hair transplants, but it can be done, nonetheless. There are some clinics out there that can help deal with the hair transplant issue, where they work on removing the poorly implemented hair follicles and attempting to replant them in order to create a more natural hairstyle.

Cosmetic Hair Surgery Goes

It may not be the most satisfactory approach, and it may take quite a bit of time to get things back in order, but if you are patient, you will eventually find yourself feeling good about your hair. In the meantime, you may be well-served in pursuing legal options to get restitution from a clinic that had done you wrong with the transplants, depending on where you live and where the clinic is located.

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