Steps To Create Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Without a strategy, social media marketing will not be effective. It will be a waste of time and effort.

Steps to strategize social media marketing

You can hire an experienced Active Marketing Agency to create a robust social media marketing strategy suitable to your business. The professionals ensure that each social media profile has a different strategy. The SMM strategy is simple just follow the steps given below.

Social Media Marketing

Choose SMM goals smartly

Without goals, it is hard to measure success and ROI. Each goal needs to be –

  • S for specific
  • M for measurable
  • A for attainable
  • R for relevant
  • T for time-bound

The goal framework has to be ‘S.M.A.R.T’. This helps to give your actions a direction and lead a business towards its goals. Write down a minimum of 3 goals for your social media.

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Identify your target audience

Identifying your target audience persona and their needs helps to create content resolving their pain points. They can even comment or share it with their friends. Things to know about your target audience –

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Industry or job designation
  • Average income and more

Know your competitors

Today, the majority of businesses are taking advantage of social media including your competitors. You can learn a lot via competitive analysis – who your competition is and what they do well on social channels. You get an idea of what the niche expects from you.

Perform social media audit

Social Media Marketing

An audit offers clarity of what purpose your social profile serves. In case of ambiguity, find answers to questions like can this account help to attain a goal. All these activities help to keep SMM strategy focused. Audits allow uncovering fake accounts, which can damage your brand – report them.

Determine the social channel to use

Twitter is a platform focusing on customer service, while Instagram can be best for makeup tutorials. Write the specific goals for every social channel like LinkedIn to share and promote company culture for employee advocacy and recruitment while Twitter for customer service as well as keep call and email volumes down. While creating profiles ensure to use consistent branding and include target keywords.

Find inspiration

Multiple businesses are doing great on social platforms. Case studies will offer valuable insights and even customers offer social media motivation.

Create social media calendar

Content posting is essential but when to share is crucial to obtain the maximum impact. Set posting schedules and based on your impressions, past engagement rate or the link click data plan the best times to post. Never over or under the post on each network!

Create compelling content 

Ensure that your content is aligned with each network’s purpose. You may need to do some experiments to identify the kind of content that works best on a specific channel.

Track and adjust SMM activities

Social Media Marketing

SMM strategy is crucial. It will feel ideal on paper but you cannot assume it to be ideal in practice. Check performance metrics, re-evaluate the strategy and test again. You may need to adjust the SMM strategy several times before finalizing it.

SMM strategy will need regular updates!

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