Catamaran Wedding Rental in Barcelona

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Nowadays, organizing weddings on a catamaran in Barcelona is a popular trend. A wedding on a boat looks unique, grand, and impressive.

Main advantages of a boat wedding:

Catamaran Wedding

  • Barcelona’s architecture is astonishing, and the seascapes look luxurious in wedding photos. The pictures come out bright, vivid, and highly artistic.
  • Renting a boat for a wedding allows for a stylish photoshoot and an unforgettable feast.
  • Catamaran rental expands your organizational possibilities. Planning a wedding on a boat lets you create something truly original and surprise your guests. You can rent a catamaran on attractive terms.
  • A boat wedding is more than just a feast accompanied by a photoshoot. The boat offers a wide variety of entertainment options. You can order a vibrant entertainment program, and invite artists or a DJ. You can share your event vision with professionals, choose a theme, and specify decorations.
  • During the celebration, you won’t have to worry about uninvited guests. Only the people you invite will attend the event.
  • Regarding the feast, it will be filled with various dishes – traditional or signature ones. Modern catamarans in Barcelona come equipped with kitchens. A professional chef will prepare delicious meals for the newlyweds and their guests during stops. No reheated dishes – all food is cooked fresh on board.

What other advantages does catamaran rental offer?

There are numerous yacht companies in Barcelona that offer boat rentals on favorable terms. All boats are classified by capacity and comfort level.

Undoubtedly, you should choose a boat according to your budget. If needed, you can use a full range of necessary services, renting a boat on a turnkey basis.

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Thanks to a well-coordinated team of professionals, you can expect a fireworks display of unforgettable emotions and countless memorable experiences. Catamaran rental is an original idea for a wedding.

Catamaran Wedding

Today, a popular rental option includes an off-site registration and photo shoot on the boat, along with an onboard buffet. This option is perfect for weddings held in good weather.

If the weather unexpectedly deteriorates, you don’t have to worry about the event being ruined. Modern boats are equipped with comfortable banquet halls, lounges, and covered summer areas.

A catamaran wedding in Barcelona from the Barcelona Boat Rental company will exceed all your expectations.

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